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      發布時間:2019-05-14 17:05:19


      In April, our school carried out the teaching and research activities of the English subject in the framework of "Six Schools Alliance". English teachers from each school discussed the problems encountered in teaching and shared their teaching experiences on the preparation of lessons, the design of teaching plans, the interactions with students in classes and the explanation of the difficulties.



      Our teachers actively participated in the teaching and research, seriously carried out lectures, evaluated activities from different angles, carefully filled out the feedback form of the lecture, summed up the advanced teaching experience and pointed out the problems and shortcomings. 



      Teachers from various schools teach across schools, teachers listen to class each other, nderstand the current situation of teaching, master the tendency of teaching, and improve the quality of classroom teaching.



      Through listening to lectures and evaluating classes, the school has set up a platform for teachers to display, communicate and learn, effectively promoting teachers to further update their educational concepts, improve their level of classroom teaching, implement effective classroom teaching, and improve the quality of education and teaching.


      In the long journey of teaching, the teachers of Walton Foreign Language school continue to think, discuss and learn. Teachers draw on each others’ strengths,constantly improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, and regulate the effectiveness of classroom teaching.Except from the English subject, teachers of other subject have been dedicated to doing a good job in teaching and research and daily education, improving their professional quality and creating a better teaching classroom and a more great learning atmosphere for their students.