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        優秀的Alice! 棒棒噠英語組!

        發布時間:2019-05-05 15:05:28



        Alice Time


        This is the third year I met Walton. When I graduated from the university, I entered the education industry by chance, holding the Cet8 certificate, teacher qualification certificate, excellent graduate, excellent student cadre, the second prize of FTRP cup English writing contest in 2014, 2015, 2016 and the excellent volunteer certificate of "boao Asia BBS" in 2017. Different from traditional education, Walton's IB international education opened a new door for my cognition.


        I am also very lucky to serve as the language teaching and the teaching of UOI inquiry class in Walton. Last year, I was honored to be awarded as the school's excellent inquiry teacher and won the title of secondary school teacher. The classroom is the class of the students. I like to guide the students to use many ways to explore positively, create the multivariate teaching situations, combine the reality and raise the student's international view and feelings.

        在華頓的三年里,有很多孩子受益于我們學校先進的教學理念,有的孩子在21世紀英語演講比賽中獲獎,很多孩子能積極參與我們的UOI exhibition。

        During the three years in Walton, many children benefited from the advanced teaching concept of our school. Some children won the prize in the 21st century English speech contest, and many children could actively participate in our UOI exhibition.


        I was very lucky to participate in this taicang young English teacher basic skills competition, with the help and encouragement of our excellent English teaching and research group, I went into the final competition.This competition is divided into written test (the test content pays attention to English teaching theory and English knowledge and English language application ability), chalk writing, English impromptu speech, mini class, teaching design and courseware making and investigating teachers' basic skills.


        Taking part in this competition, I deeply felt that as a language teacher, I need to constantly learn English knowledge and exercise my English ability every day. I should not delay my growth in English just because of complicated work.I must communicate with colleagues zbout how to teach,  constantly improve my teaching design and classroom control ability so that I can make progress.


        As I said in my first year in Walton, pursuing dreams is a very inspiring and heartwarming thing, but the ups and downs are only known by ourselves. Entering a profession or career you love doesn't mean you're full of yourself. The difference is that no matter how desperate you feel the day before, you wake up the next day loving what you're doing and wishing for a new experience.I have no regrets, I still love deeply, as strong and persistent as the original love at first sight.

        Group Time


        Behind such an excellent Alice, it turns out that there are a group of friends of the English group who are also excellent. Every Monday afternoon is the teaching and research time of the English group.Teachers uphold the teaching concept of PYP, grinding, speaking, constantly optimizing the classroom, brainstorming...





        9:00-11:30 (9點簽到)

        9:35-10:00 (學生體驗課)